The unpleasant truths about sex dolls that are often overlooked

Sika-Ayiwa Afriyie Safo November 16, 2018
An Instagram user flaunting his sex doll

Sex dolls have finally come to stay, and over the past few months, there has been a craze among African men over them. These dolls which are manufactured to take the form and shape of female humans have all orifices intact. And, it is quite evident that most of these men will do anything under the sun to get themselves one of these ‘creations.’

To some, these flesh-like silicone-made mannequins have a lot to offer than real women in the bedroom. Among others, one of the advantages offered by these human-like dolls is the comfort and affection they give without judgement.

Unlike women, sex dolls do not nag or complain. They are programmed to perform such simple tasks as engaging in basic conversations, wrapping their arms around their owners for affection. These simple tasks give these men a sense of belonging. Some men have gone to the extent of comparing these robots to their wives, saying they’ll choose them over these women any day.

“After my wife gave birth, we stopped having sex and I felt a deep sense of loneliness. But the moment I saw Mayu [sex doll] in the showroom, it was love at first sight. My wife was furious when I first brought Mayu home. These days she puts up with it, reluctantly,” says Masayuki Ozaki who lives with his sex doll and family in Tokyo.

The unpleasant truths about sex dolls that are often overlooked

To others, sex dolls are beneficial for emotional and health reasons. A Nigerian man identified as Pretty Mike of Lagos on Instagram posted pictures and a video of himself with a sex doll while commenting on what it means to him.

“A lot of people describe her as a sex doll but to me she is more of a companion,comforter and someone that never disappoints ??? #BirthdayGiftToMySelf ?,” he posted on Instagram.

The post attracted thousands of comments either supporting his stance on the dolls or describing the relationship as basically wrong.

Research has shown that men who rely on these dolls for sexual gratification have a tendency to lack empathy. This makes them selfish because sex dolls don’t demand anything from their owners. It gets harder in love relationships because unlike dolls, humans have expectations and demands from their significant others.

There is an established link between the love for sex dolls and psychotic disorders. Men who use sex dolls have the tendency to abuse power on real-life sex partners. Because the dolls do not have what it takes to stand up to them, the dolls come across as ‘obedient’ and thus they tend to love them more.  Most of these men are likely to become control freaks in the sense that they tend to exert their controlling nature on human partners due to their continued association with these inanimate objects.

Men who have sex with these dolls over time end up denying themselves of the beauty and entirety of social interactions with other humans. It is rather disturbing how these men are apt to isolate themselves from the rest of society. Over time, it gets hard for them to interact with other members of society. Experts have grave concerns because the artificial intelligence enables these robots to “interact on a social level and are being promoted as companionship for the lonely.”

This is according to Zoe Clews, a hypnotherapist in the UK who raised concerns as sales for sex dolls continue to skyrocket across the UK.

“I think that’s dangerous because it makes it harder for someone who fears social contact or engagement to resolve whatever the fear is that stops them from being a functioning part of society, however, we might define that,” she told the Bristol Post.

For those men who desire to raise families of their own, the sex doll could be a waste of time and semen. Anatomically, sex dolls are incomplete and thus, cannot make babies.

Last Edited by:Ismail Akwei Updated: November 16, 2018


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