There is an actual book that says why women don’t need men in 50 pages

Ismail Akwei April 05, 2018

Feminism and sexism arguments have peaked in the past decade which has seen more women break gender barriers and speak out about inequalities and discrimination in the home and at workplaces.

Women’s rights advocates have, however, been divided over the role of men in the age-long “oppression” of women which came in the form of gender roles inherited from thousands of generations.

A faction blames the society for disregarding women’s rights while the other school of thought believes men are to blame for the inequality as they have ruled the world for centuries and upheld those roles.

American author Chloe Gabriella chose to put her perspective in a book titled: 50 Reasons Why A Woman Needs A Man. This book has been published and is selling for $5.99 on Amazon.

Those who have gotten hold of the book were shocked to note that all the 50 pages had 50 similar reasons why a woman needs a man. They all had “She doesn’t.” as the reason.

There is an actual book that says why women don’t need men in 50 pages

This has sparked another feminism debate between men and women on social media while many copies of the book have been sold.

Here are some reactions. Tell us what you also think in the comment section below.

Watch this Youtube video to get a review of the book from one man’s perspective.

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