UK clamps down on TV station belonging to popular African preacher for COVID-19 conspiracies

Nii Ntreh May 19, 2020
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, founder and leader of the LoveWorld Inc, Photo Credit:

Loveworld Television Network, a TV stationed owned by popular Nigerian Christian preacher Chris Oyakhilome, has been sanctioned by the UK’s communications regulator Ofcom, for “potentially harmful claims” regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

Ofcom, in a statement on Monday, said its investigations found that Loveworld News, the network’s flagship news program, made among others, “unsubstantiated claims that 5G was the cause of the pandemic, and that this was the subject of a “global cover-up”.”

The network is also said to have advocated “hydroxychloroquine as a “cure” for Covid-19, without acknowledging that its effectiveness and safety as a treatment was clinically unproven.”

But Oyakhilome, whose church claims to have about 13 million followers worldwide, has been putting together misapprehensions about 5G technology with the coronavirus over the last couple of months. Thanks to social media, his opinions on the pandemic have spread throughout the world.

He has a theory that unifies the two novel phenomena of 5G and coronavirus. The result is a multi-colored and -layered teaching which accuses the world’s governments, media corporations, scientific and medical experts as well as moneyed individuals of masterminding a “new world order.”

What the Nigerian preacher alleges is that 5G technology, monumentally better than 4G is not responsible for the coronavirus pandemic. Rather, the coronavirus was artificially induced into humans to kick off a contagion.

What the faceless world-controlling people in the shadows intend to achieve when everyone is worried about the contagion, is to expand 5G connectivity.

The conditions of the contagion, according to Oyakhilome’s theory, are supposed to incite fear so that people surrender to government submission. People will stay indoors when told to, and that allows for the global 5G expansion to happen in secret.

While Ofcom says it does not prohibit the broadcasting of controversial views that antagonize official positions, Loveworld’s “programmes were not sufficiently put into context [and] they risked undermining viewers’ trust in official health advice, with potentially serious consequences for public health.”

The network have been told therefore that they would have to broadcast the results of Ofcom’s investigations on them while further sanctions are considered by the British regulators.

Last Edited by:Kent Mensah Updated: May 19, 2020


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