Whoopi Goldberg responds to Donald Trump after he tells her that nobody wants her

Francis Akhalbey May 16, 2024
Whoopi Goldberg responded to Donald Trump after he poked fun at her on social media -- Left photo credit: Archman8 | Right photo credit: Gage Skidmore

Whoopi Goldberg made her feelings known to Donald Trump after the former president took to his Truth Social platform in the early hours of Monday to seemingly poke fun at her. Per Deadline, Goldberg’s response to Trump came after he reposted a meme of the comedian and TV personality.

The meme in question showed an edited image of Goldberg, 68, that was captioned, “I’m moving to Canada for sure this time!” Trump, 77, also shared his caption on the post that read, “Canada doesn’t want you Whoopi, NOBODY DOES!!!”

The Sister Act star later that same day fired back at Trump on The View. “You know what I’m a little agitated about?” Goldberg started. “That man has something to say to me, he saw a meme that said I was leaving the country. People always see these crazy memes that say I’m gonna leave the country if he gets in there. Somebody else said I was leaving and sent suggestions for people to take my place.”

The 68-year-old then stared into the camera and said while smiling, “Look I’m not going anywhere. And it’s not for the reason – you little snowflake – it’s not for the reason you think. He said nobody wanted me. Honey, you know what, it wouldn’t matter if no one here wanted me. I know where I’m going to be because I got a contract so I’m going to be here where I’m wanted for the next couple of years.”

Her response was met with an applause from the audience. And when an audience member said, “We love you Whoopi,” the EGOT winner responded with a “thank you.”

There have been moments where Goldberg has publicly taken aim at Trump, including when the former president appeared on The View in 2011, Newsweek reported. Barack Obama was president at the time, and Trump had been publicly questioning if Obama was indeed born in the United States. 

The Ghost star told Trump that the Obama “birther” conspiracy theory he was propagating was “the biggest pile of dog mess.”

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