Yasmine Jackson, granddaughter of Joe Jackson, stabbed seven times on the neck in hate crime

Photo: Yasmine Jackson/IG

Yasmine Jackson, the granddaughter of Joe Jackson, has disclosed that she was stabbed seven times in a racially motivated attack by her white neighbor early this month. The 25-year-old, on Sunday, posted images of her face and neck wounds on Instagram.

According to her post, the woman chased her and called her “a nigga” while stabbing her. She has since described the ordeal as life-changing.

“This woman chased me down and started stabbing me,” she wrote as she showed the deep stab wounds on her face and neck.

“She said it’s because I was a nigga and that’s all I could hear while I was being stabbed.”

She continued: “I can’t move my neck at all. I am scared to be alone. I asked people to help me because she was stabbing me and nobody helped. Until someone did, actually a few people did & I am thankful for you.”

According to Yasmine, Angela Bonell, a 22-year-old Hispanic woman, stabbed her seven times near her home in the southwest valley. (LVMPD)

The woman, who stabbed Jackson has been identified as Angela Bonnell, a 22-year-old Hispanic. She was facing a charge of felony battery with a deadly weapon, however, those charges have since been upgraded to attempted murder, battery with a deadly weapon and hate crime.

Photo: Yasmine Jackson/IG

Eyewitnesses told the police that Bonnell had thrown a broom at Jackson and a friend, Dymin Dilaurentis, from her balcony. News3lv reported that Bonnell then jumped down and began chasing Jackson and her friend who ran away.

The preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 16 while Bonnell has been held on $100,000 bail.

On her GoFundMe page, Jackson admitted that “the incident has left me extremely traumatized and I plan on breaking my lease and moving out of those apartments until I am mentally prepared to move on my own again.”

Her attack comes at a time when the U.S. is battling to get a grasp on protests following the death of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd.


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