Askia Hanson


Askia Acquah Hanson is a social innovator, entrepreneur, writer, podcaster, co-founder, and an aspiring sociologist. As a Ghanaian-American Muslim, Askia enjoys analyzing, and writing about issues that affect Africa and the African diaspora such as race/ethnicity, urban development, poverty, STEM, religion, history, literature/education, entertainment, and mental health. He is an avid believer in using the digital space of the 21st century to create platforms that speak of the true-complexities of the African and African diaspora narratives that mainstream media continues to get wrong. Through his contributing writing for Face2Face Africa; podcasting through ‘The Askia Hanson Podcast’, and AFRICA POD ONE, Askia seeks to create informed, and meaningful content that inspires, challenges, and builds. He is also a sci-fi/action junkie, and comic book nerd; who enjoys a good bowl of peanut soup, with fufu and goat meat. Askia Hanson has a bachelors in Sociology and a minor in Africana Studies with plans to continue to Masters and PhD in Sociology and International Relations.

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