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15 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Said “I Do”

F2FA April 22, 2016 at 09:30 am

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With many more women financially empowered, divorce is gradually taking its roots in our continent. Marriage stretches us thin: our patience is tested, our love ebbs and flows, we are continuously asking ourselves the purpose of this marriage. Before the wedding, guys are the hunters, they chase and pursue till they get their prey. Months after the wedding, the lady feels abandoned and wants to leave the marriage. Never think you’re immune; it can happen to any relationship. Always remember your vows to each other and keep them, even when it hurts. When your relationship hits rock bottom, never isolate yourself and struggle alone: get professional help and fast.

Extramarital Affairs 

Affairs were a lot harder a century ago, but now with social media, infidelity is only a click away. This makes us much more exposed to its temptations. The moment you no longer admire or adore your spouse, you’ve started a downward trail to having an affair. Next, you think the grass is greener elsewhere and you begin to convince yourself that you deserve more. Before you know it, you’re caught in a web of issues. Stop the battle in your mind by always fining something to be grateful for in your spouse.


It’s easy to forgive your spouse when what they have done isn’t a big deal. What happens when you can’t forgive them for cheating on you? You become bitter and resentful, your blood pressure rises, you might not be able to sleep and your health is affected. If you remember that you aren’t perfect either, maybe you’ll reach out and forgive the other person easily. You may not commit the big sins like your spouse, but what of the little ones that go unnoticed?


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