by Farida Dawkins, at 05:30 pm, July 19, 2018, Opinion

5 democratic African countries run by power-drunk leaders

President Pierre Nkurunziza…AFP

Pierre Nkurunziza

Pierre Nkurunziza has held the laurels of the presidency in Burundi since August 26, 2005.

After being nominated by his party to run for a third presidential term in 2015, many disagreed to the legality of his run and a protest ensued.  100 protestors died and there was also an attempt of a coup to oust Nkurunziza.  The media was shut down and over 400,000 native Burundians left the country for other pastures.

In May 2015, Nkurunziza revealed to Africa Confidential that he believed he was “chosen by God” to rule Burundi.

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