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5 Things You Must Have in Your Travel Bag

Your travel bag may be stylish, but does it contains the essentials for a smooth trip? African Village Market.

Travelling for a vacation or business trip is all fun and games until it just is not. Since the essence of travel requires you to move from your comfort zone to a different city or country, there are a few things that could make your travel experience much easier. While the trip may have been impromptu, not having one of these items could put you into some embarrassing situations. For that reason, we have compiled a list of 5 items that should always be in your travel bag, no matter how short the duration of your trip.

Notepad and pen
A notepad and a pen is always required for any trip.  Even though many have resorted to making notes and reminders on their smart phones and electronic devices, a physical notepad and pen is a great backup as it does not run out of battery or memory. It goes with you anywhere and helps you keep track of important names, places, numbers, and important happenings, acting as a personal diary.

Change of clothes and underwear
Spare clothes and underwear are two very important travel items. Even in situations where you do not plan to stay past a day, it is advisable to have extras available for contingency’s sake. You may need to stay past the required period, your flight may be canceled or delayed, or you may even have coffee spilled on you. While these may not seem to be dreadful occurrences, being unprepared for them can leave you embarrassed or uncomfortable all the same, wrecking the trip in its entirety.

Travel toothbrush and toothpaste
Bad breath or mouth odor can be extremely embarrassing; simple tasks like asking for directions or flagging a cab driver can become a burden if you are conscious of the stench coming from your mouth. A travel toothbrush and toothpaste or even just floss, is a travel necessity. Since you are not your primary location, finding a place to purchase them can also be a hassle. Better safe than sorry; ensure that you always move with a pair.

Device chargers and power banks
These can never be overemphasized. Being in a different location means you will need as much help as you can get to navigate your way. Since our phone logs are almost always in our mobile devices and we may need to make calls on the go, it is necessary to keep them fully charged and loaded with airtime. Maps and other applications can also be optimized with our devices. None of these helpful aids are useful with a drained battery.

Basic ID, documents, and cards
Finally, your carry-on travel bag must always contain basic means of identification. While this may seem obvious, it is surprisingly easy to accidentally pack them in your checked luggage. Keep your international passport, documents for the required trip, ATM cards, credit cards, and business cards  close at all times. In emergency cases, these would often come in handy.

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