8 African heroes who led massive slave rebellions in the Caribbean but are less celebrated

Elizabeth Ofosuah Johnson December 02, 2018
King Takyi (Tacky) - Leader of the 1760 Easter Rebellion of Port Maria in Jamaica

A little over the past decade, the stories of powerful kings and queens who worked hard at building powerful kingdoms and sustaining them for centuries have been unearthed to redefine the history of Africa as opposed to what has been fed to the masses by the West for several decades.

Tales of Mansa Musa,  Prince Nicolau, Queen Ranavanolla III  and the one-eyed Queen Amanirenas have been told over and over to elevate African history, sense of pride and identity. Aside from these powerful kings, queens, royals and many who were exiled for resisting colonisation and western oppression, there are also tales of powerful warriors, both male and female who risked their lives to protect their royals, kingdoms and people.

Despite the new energy in the black community to discover and tell their own stories, many stories are still yet to be discovered and told. Through several readings and research, it is safe to assume that the African connection to the Caribbean is an area of research yet to be fully looked into and uncovered.

The Caribbean has a rich presence of African cultures and personalities who added to history through their voice and actions against the slave trade, colonisation, racism and many other black related issues between the 15th century to date.

Here are 8 iconic personalities in Caribbean history who rebelled against white oppressors during the slave trade period.

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