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[Answers] Test your knowledge of great and fearless African female warriors

1. She succeeded her brother after his death and ruled for years. This fearless black queen was a professional soldier who expanded the Hausa Kingdom. Who was she? Princess Amina

2. This brave woman led 2,000 Amazon warriors into battle. They attacked the French troops in an attempt to cross a river but unfortunately, they were defeated. Who is this fearless leader? Seh-Dong-Hong-Beh

3. “Amazon Queen of Matamba’’ as she is popularly known for, is ranked among the greatest rulers of Africa. Being a woman didn’t stop her from organising warriors to fight against the Portuguese. What is her name? Queen Nzingha

4. I was a queen mother who ruled over the Meroitic Kingdom in northeast Africa. My son and I led an army of 30,000 men to drive away the Roman from an Egyptian city. I was blinded in one eye. Who am I? Amanirenas

5. She is considered the first princesses of the Yoruba kingdom, who let herself get captured by a neighbouring community, from which she learnt war strategies she later used in her kingdom. What’s the name of this princess? Moremi Ajasoro

6. I led 10,000 men into the battle between the Kingdom of Kongo and the Kingdom of Portugal in 1667 but I was captured and sent to South America as a slave, who am I? Princess Aqualtune da Silva Santo

7. Kimpa Vita was trained to communicate with spirits. She criticised some teachings of the Catholic church and argued that Jesus was a black man from Kongo. Which of these countries is she well known? Angola

8. While most chiefs submitted to French power, this brave woman organised and led her troops against French forces during the battle of Lougou in 1899 and won. Who could she be? Sarraounia  Mangou

9. One of these women is not regarded as fearless African female warriors? Assata Olugbala

10. She was a warrior from Kenya who led her people, the Giriama, in rebelling against the British, who is she? Mekatilili wa Menza

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