The Best and Worst Dressed African and Caribbean Teams from Opening Night at the 2016 Rio Olympics

Mark Babatunde August 09, 2016
The Burkinabe's were easily Africa's best dressed team at the opening event of the Rio Olympics in Brazil. Yahoo Style

Truly a global sporting fiesta, the Olympics are the informal version of the United Nations General Assembly. Instead of heads of government and diplomats, this one is a gathering of athletes and coaches.

World-class athletes dedicate years and years of their lives to prepare for the games. With everything from national pride to personal glory at stake, victory is the only option for many of them. After all, at the end of each Olympic Games, hopefuls would have to wait another four years for another chance to make sports history.

But just before the starting guns are fired or the whistles are blown, there is the dazzling opening ceremony, which is not complete until athletes from every country represented at the Games do the traditional parade around the Olympic stadium. Often, teams from each country use the opportunity to showcase something new and unique about the fashion styles of their home country.

Here is a look at some of the best and worst dressed African and Caribbean teams at the opening night of the Rio Olympics.

We begin with the best dressed teams:

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