Naija Comedians Bovi & Basketmouth Partner Up in Gospel Skit

F2FA October 16, 2014

bovi and basketmouth comedy
In the hilarious clip called “Bovi Ruins Basketmouth’s Chance With His Girl,” Nigerian comedians Bovi and Basketmouth team up to show what happens when a night for two is incessantly interrupted by one of God’s servants.

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In the clip, Basketmouth is clearly all too eager to move the night along to the intimate level with his date, but when Bovi decides to bring “good news from the Most High,” Basketmouth’s plans quickly derail.

Bovi promptly gets to the point, when he says, “Let me ask, that thing you are about to do, is it wrong or is it right? Is it something you would be proud of in front of your parents?”

Basketmouth’s date is soon shown fidgeting in her seat as it becomes clear that the Lord’s message is making her both self-conscious and uncomfortable.

Not one to give up, Bovi attempts to repeatedly drown out both the Lord’s message and the gospel music that only seems to increase with each of Bovi’s words of wisdom by changing the channel, yet he is dismayed when Bovi appears with an even stronger message on the subsequent channel.

Ultimately, Basketmouth’s date leaves his home when Bovi, after turning off the television altogether, is assaulted with Bovi’s presence at his door.

Watch the funny clip here:



Well done, Bovi and Basketmouth!

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Last Edited by:Abena Agyeman-Fisher Updated: October 16, 2014


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