BY Charles Ayitey, 7:00am May 26, 2016,

After Refusing To Bathe, Cameroonian Is Given Public Shower By Peers- WATCH


A Cameroonian man reportedly suffering from aquaphobia (or the fear of water) was forcibly given the bath of his life at a car washing bay in the city of Yaounde amid his screams and pleas.

Reports indicate that the man refused to bathe for a number of years, making his smell unbearable. Friends of the said man were thus caught on video taking a dramatic step: bathing the aquaphobian themselves, after being fed up with his body odor.

A Facebook video captured the humorous event. Watch video of the public bath below: 

What Is Aquaphobia?

Aquaphobia is psychological disorder involving a persistent, unwarranted. and irrational fear of water that causes phobics to suffer the fear of running water or even water being poured on to their heads. Causes of this mental condition include post traumatic experiences with drowning or seeing someone drown, familial socialization, and geographical locations.

The best way to reportedly reverse this fear is through intensive therapy and rehabilitation.

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