Chadian Military Officially Moves in to Nigeria, Repeated Airstrikes Unanswered By Boko Haram

Abena Agyeman-Fisher February 03, 2015



Chad Boko Haram
True to repeated announcements, the Chadian military officially joined the anti-Boko Haram efforts this week, when they reportedly crossed over a bridge from Cameroon in to Nigeria (pictured), reports the BBC.

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About 2,000 Chadian troops entered Nigeria, after conducting an hour-long air strike and mortar attack on Boko Haram locations.

Reportedly, Boko Haram did not answer the Chadian assault.

According to Nigerian Security Spokesman Mike Omeri, Chad’s military is initially focusing their efforts on the town of Gamboru.

Chad Boko Haram

Stepping Up the Offensive

Last week, the Chadian military made headlines for recapturing the town of Malumfatori, after a two-day aerial and land assault.

Meanwhile, after being occupied by the terrorist sect for the last year, Gamboru was reportedly recaptured by the Nigerian military.

And on Sunday, the Nigerian military recorded another win when they staved off Boko Haram’s attempted possession of key city Maiduguri.

With Boko Haram leader Abubaker Shekau announcing his plans to expand his caliphate in to Niger, Cameroon, and Chad, the African Union declared that they are endorsing a nearly 8,000 troop task force from the aforementioned areas as well as Nigeria in order to stamp out Boko Haram.

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