Cruel acts of Arab racism against black women that everyone ignores

Nduta Waweru June 27, 2018
Photo: Aftruth

Arab countries have been accused of racism time and time again, with roots traced as a far back as the Arab slave trade.  Blacks have been treated abhorrently as slaves and even after being freed, they still suffer in the hands of Arabs in and out of the continent.

Black women, however, suffer even more because they are women and they are black. Most recently, a Lebanese man was seen beating two Kenyan women for questioning him after he had almost hit them with his car.

Most of these women, usually in these Arab countries for work, are treated terribly, deprived of food, sexually assaulted, beaten up and even burnt.

Their search for justice is usually met with fierce resistance mainly because their passports and other vital documents are confiscated by the employers once they arrive in the houses to work. In other cases, the employers are protected by the police and other authorities, making it hard for these domestic workers to report their bosses.

Even with the news about the horrors African women face, countries like Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Ethiopia still transport workers to the Middle East.

Here are some cases of brutality on black women by their Arab masters in and out of the continent that should ignite a conversation among leaders on protecting Black women.

Last Edited by:Ismail Akwei Updated: June 27, 2018


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