Demi Lovato Sparks Racial Tirade on Twitter with African Ancestry Claim

Fredrick Ngugi February 27, 2017
American pop star Demi Lovato. Billboard

American pop star Demi Lovato received a negative backlash on Twitter, after she posted her recent DNA results that show she is part African.

In her post on Saturday, the 24-year-old musician revealed her roots:


However, the part that seems to have rubbed some of her fans the wrong way is when she celebrated her African ancestry:

Keep It to Yourself

Although Lovato’s post about her DNA results appeared genuine and well-intentioned, a segment of her fans were apparently offended and took to Twitter to express their displeasure:


But not everyone was offended by Lovato’s post:


Origins of the Human Race

As the debate around Lovato’s DNA results rages on, scholars and archaeologists around the world are entangled in an emotive discourse about where the modern human race originated from.

Some argue that Homo sapiens evolved independently in different parts of the world, while others strongly believe that human beings first evolved in one location in sub-Saharan Africa and spread to other parts of the world.

In 2000, a team of researchers led by Ulf Gyllensten of the University of Uppsala in Sweden carried out scientific research, where they discovered that modern human beings are all descendants of a single ancestral group that lived in sub-Saharan Africa about 170,000 years ago.

In the report, which was published by Nature, the scientists suggested that modern humans spread across the globe from Africa in a mass exodus that happened about 50,000 years ago.

“The deepest, statistically supported branch [family tree DNA] provides compelling evidence of a human mtDNA origin in Africa,” part of the report read.

Other scientists who have studied the skulls and DNA of human remains from around the globe claim that their results show a possibility of modern humans (Homo sapiens) having a single origin in Africa.

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