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Africa’s Electric Car Revolution Is Fast Approaching

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Autonov II

As governments across the globe aim efforts at reducing pollution and constructing technology that is kinder to the environment, the electric car is one of the innovations that has developed in recent times. Across Africa, the electric car industry is seeing a rise in activity in Ghana, Nigeria, and Uganda.

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CNN Marketplace Africa profiled a few electric car enthusiasts in Africa. While the ambition and design qualities of the electric cars are worth noting, there might be some struggle involved in getting the cars on the road within the continent. Across a series of universities in Nigeria, students are preparing for the European portion of the Shell Eco Marathon in May, which is a competition that highlights vehicles that travel the farthest on the least amount of fuel.



CNN reports:

In Zaria, a city in northern Nigeria, a team of students from the Ahmadu Bello University are currently applying the final touches to the “ABUCAR 2.”

The students used locally available materials to build the vehicle, and even included recycled electrical components in the engine. While it runs on gasoline, the engine maximizes fuel efficiency and produces fewer emissions than normal cars.

“We are sure we have a great car,” says the project’s supervisor Muhammad Dauda. “Now we are focusing on making some final enhancements to hone the driving strategy — this is just like Formula One.”

Kira 2

It took the ABUCAR 2 team five months to complete its vehicle, which it hopes bests the University of Lagos‘ “Autonov II” car. The vehicle bears the colors of the Nigerian flag and the car is powered by a solar battery. Students at Uganda’s Makerere University are unveiling the “Kiira EV” (pictured), which can drive 50 miles on a single charge. The engineers are also at work on a 28-seat bus that will use both solar and electric power.

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