by Charles Ayitey, at 08:31 am, March 29, 2016, Lifestyle

Find Out The 6 Most Luxurious Presidential Palaces In Africa

The lavish Iavoloha Palace of Antananarivo, Madagascar (Photo by

Whenever it comes to power and riches, the residence of the African president is best used as the point of  reference. Call it whatever you want but the residences of African presidents are not always referred to as presidential palaces. In fact where as some African states prefer to use the term “State House” or “Presidential Villa,” others are more comfortable with the “Executive  Mansion” or ” Flagstaff House ” – but one thing stands the same in all of these mansions, their great significance and magnificence! We bring you six of the most beautiful of these presidential palaces. The list of these presidential palaces are not in an exact order of precedence as all buildings match up to be equally beautiful in style and stature.

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