Florida woman in labor weds her lover between contractions at hospital

Stephen Nartey May 08, 2024
Brianna Cerezo marries at hospital/Photo credit: FOX 35 Orlando

What are you willing to endure in the name of love? A Florida mother decided to answer this question in one of the most difficult moments of her life. Brianna Cerezo agreed to marry her fiancé Louis while having contractions ahead of the birth of their child.

“I never heard of anyone getting married in a hospital before we did,” Brianna Cerezo told Orlando’s Fox 35 of her accelerated shotgun wedding. The soon-to-be bride, who recently relocated from New York to Orlando with her husband, was expected to deliver on February 26.

However, she encountered an unexpected turn of events when she fell ill with the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) shortly before her due date, prompting an urgent visit to AdventHealth Orlando’s emergency room. The condition is a common respiratory virus that can cause serious complications to a pregnant woman and can also be transferred to the unborn baby, according to the New York Post.

To protect the bride-to-be from such complications, medics decided to induce labor, but, there was an important hurdle which needed to be crossed: her wedding was scheduled for the next day, and she assumed she would not be able to honor it because of the imminent delivery.

The couple found unexpected support from a quick-thinking nurse, ensuring they could still celebrate their union amidst the arrival of their newborn.

“I told her [a] funny story — ‘Actually, we’re supposed to go tomorrow to get married, but I ended up here, and now they’re going to induce me, so we can’t go anymore,’” Cerezo recalled telling the nurse, “and she goes, ‘Oh, well, I have a chaplain here that can marry you.”

Medical staff stepped up to organize a wedding while the bride was in labor. They transformed the hospital environment into a wedding venue, arranging everything from flowers to music. They even fashioned a wedding gown from bedsheets, following the bride’s preferences outlined on her phone.

“I was sitting on the bed while all this was going on, and all I seen was bedding sheets flying and stitches and within 30 minutes, I had the same dress I picked out originally,” exclaimed Cerezo. “Everyone came in together and [were] just moving stuff out; it all happened so fast,”

Hopefully, because the patients had made prior arrangements before the marriage the following day, Cerezo already had their wedding rings and legal paperwork in her purse, facilitating the ceremony.

“Everyone came together and did their part — not just the dress, but the flowers and her hair and rearranging the room, and just a beautiful sight to see everyone so excited,” said AdventHealth nurse Gabriela Pinzon, who helped plan Cerezo’s special day.

Several hours after the ceremony, the newlywed gave birth to a baby boy named Landon. She thanked the hospital staff for their proactive approach in ensuring a successful delivery and wedding ceremony.

“They really made us feel like a part of the family,” said Cerezo, who plans to invite the healthcare workers to her official wedding ceremony to thank them for their good deed.”

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