How ancient African kings chose their wives

Elizabeth Ofosuah Johnson September 26, 2018

Ancient African societies highly revered their kings and were run through the monarchy systems for many centuries. The kings were the heads of the military and ensured that the warriors were well catered for and properly organized because a kingdom’s power and expansion largely depended on the capacity of their military.

Kings were also in charge of the day to day running of activities in the Kingdom and led the governance structure. Decisions could not be taken without the presence of the king either in matters relating to governance or the court. The kings also represented their kingdom during ceremonial visits to other kingdoms both in and outside of Africa.

Aside from all these duties, it was very important that a King kept his lineage alive through marriages. Queens were a very important part of royalty and kings were not allowed to be on a throne without having a queen to complete him.

The queen often took up the responsibility of social affairs and was made to attend ceremonial events on behalf of the king and kingdom. In the event where a king died, a queen was made the direct ruler of the kingdom until the next in line was ready to take the throne. The duties of a queen were as important as those of a king.

Here are ways ancient African kings chose their queens:

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