How MTV Came to Africa

Meghan Reid December 31, 2012

How MTV Came to Africa

He may be an unfamiliar name to many, but not when it comes to the presence of one of the worlds most popular and influential broadcasting giant in Africa. MTV is a world-renowned network that for a long time couldn’t quite figure out how to tap into the emerging African market, until Alex Okosi came along.

As the Managing Director of MTV Networks Africa, his goal was to build a lucrative connection between Africa and the West, while showing positive and diverse images of Africans.

Although people's opinions on the impact and influence of MTV Base on Africa varies, it is undeniable that Okosi has led one of the biggest cultural exports into Africa. But what really inspired this man to pursue this journey?

In this exclusive interview with CNN African Voices, Alex Okosi shares his journey and motivation.


Share your thoughts. Do you support MTV’s presence in Africa?

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