How to earn money from your marital home where the man is the breadwinner

Ruth Yeboah April 04, 2019
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Gone are the days when women stayed home while their spouses went out to hunt! Although there are still couples who have managed to keep the mom at home to care for the children while dad earns a living, the current economy makes it nearly impossible to have only one partner working outside the home.

Usually, when only one person works, it is due to childcare issues so the family learns to live on one income. It is not always easy, some make it work but most continue to struggle thereby creating another level of stress financially that impacts the marriage.

As a woman, it is important to have the mindset of self-sufficiency. Many are the marriages that have fallen apart due to the man becoming resentful that the wife does not work. Even though parenting is such a difficult job, society does not accept parenting as a job that meets monetary equivalence. So the wife can be seen as doing “nothing at home” if the husband got home and dinner was not ready, or the house was a mess.

As a woman, you have to also become innovative in your approach to money. Here are some tips to support your husband as the sole bread winner.

  1. Learn to manage the income and live below your income means
  2. Learn to save for a rainy day no matter how small
  3. If your children are school aged, pick up a part-time job online or on the side
  4. Learn a skill that you can monetize
  5. Learn to do things in the home so you do not have to pay for someone else to do it
  6. Eat out less
  7. Teach your children to be mindful and not waste food
  8. Become a multi-level marketing representative selling AVON, Mary Kay, and others
  9. Use social media such as YouTube or Instagram to make income
  10. Connect with other moms in your situation and trade services to save money

The reality is staying at home is a full time job without pay. However, if you manage your time well you will be surprised that any little money you can bring into the family will help support your spouse and minimize stress in the home.

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