Meet the black scientist making millions of dollars predicting consumer behavior for companies

The norm in business is to send bulk messages to consumers with the hope of translating them into sales. However, Sheldon Gilbert, a genetics scientist turned entrepreneur, has cracked this code with his predictive behavior platform that is changing the advertising strategies of businesses.

With a background in science, he recognized the power of data and its ability to reveal insights and patterns. He believes that the economic value of individuals to a large extent, influences their buying patterns. Leveraging this knowledge, Sheldon developed a software platform that utilizes predictive analytics to advise businesses on consumer behavior.

His company, Proclivity Systems, sifts through the millions of digital footprints internet users leave behind while accessing a company’s website and attempts to align their interests into the system. Proclivity, with this data, predicts the behavior of consumers to allow companies to tailor their messages toward this need.

Sheldon studied molecular biochemistry and biophysics at Yale and spent two years running genetics research at Cornell Medical College and the Rockefeller University Laboratory for Molecular Genetics and Informatics. However, working with a company that builds websites for Best Buy, Martha Stewart, J. Crew, and, left him wondering why companies were not making use of the millions of data their sites picked up.

As a result of this revelation, Sheldon deferred his graduate studies at New York University to venture into entrepreneurship.  His platform has proven to be highly valuable, helping businesses make informed decisions and optimize their strategies based on data-driven predictions. Combining his expertise in science with his entrepreneurial spirit, Sheldon has created a platform that provides businesses with actionable insights and empowers them to stay ahead in the market, according to fast company.

The company he experimented with proclivity used to spend $90,000 on ads in the dailies and sent 100,000 emails to their customers. Despite this spending, they reaped minimal turnovers until they began using Sheldon’s platform. The company now reports a tenfold rise in response rates on bulk emails, trickling down on the revenue they make.

Today, Proclivity rakes in millions of dollars, and continues to experience significant growth. The success of his business reflects the ingenuity of his innovative approach and the market demand for predictive analytics solutions. With his platform, Sheldon has tapped into a crucial need to understand consumer behavior and make informed decisions based on data.

Offering valuable insights and predictions, Proclivity enables businesses to tailor their marketing efforts, optimize their operations, and ultimately improve their bottom line. The platform’s ability to analyze consumer behavior and trends has positioned it as a valuable tool in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Sheldon Gilbert’s journey from a background in science to a successful entrepreneur, highlights the importance of leveraging one’s passions and expertise to create innovative solutions. His ability to translate scientific principles into a business application demonstrates his adaptability and entrepreneurial mindset.

As his software platform continues to grow and evolve, Sheldon remains at the forefront of data-driven decision-making. His dedication to providing businesses with the tools they need to thrive in a data-rich environment sets him apart as a visionary entrepreneur. With the success of his platform, Sheldon has solidified his position as an influential figure in the realm of predictive analytics and consumer behavior.

Stephen Nartey

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