BY Nii Ntreh, 11:00am February 28, 2020,

One of these five Black women who could well be America’s next vice-president

Stacey Abrams and Michelle Obama have had their names mentioned by some in the media.

Perhaps, it is not surprising that the names of a few amazing black women have been put up as possible running mates for whoever wins the Democratic primaries.

Since 2018, Black women have been increasingly getting their due attention for half a century of putting in the work for the health of America’s democracy.

Much of this recognition has come from discourse within the Democratic party. As such, although none of the contesting Democratic presidential candidates have specifically pledged to choose a Black woman as a running mate, the media is already having that talk.

There are both political and moral positives to having a Black woman at the presidency. The sheer attractiveness of a black woman on a ticket will draw in numbers.

But the moral positive is more forceful. As Face2FaceAfrica noted in an earlier piece about Black women and the American presidency, Black women have simply had a rougher journey than almost every other American demographic.

The marginalization of Black women is steeped in generations of their kind having to stand farther from the crowd, quite literally, to make their case. Their proximity to power ever stretched out by double doses of misogyny and racism.

This systemic challenge found manifestation in all aspects of American life from maternal health to discrimination in insurance claims. Consequently, for black women, the material fulfillment prior to political engagement is a rug nearly whipped from beneath them.

As with these things, a vice-presidential candidate is usually a compromise choice. This means the Black woman who may be a running mate is supposed to check some critical boxes.

So, which women have been mentioned already in the mainstream media and which others can join the winning presidential candidate? Here are five guesses.

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