[Quiz] Test your knowledge of the history of slavery in Africa

Nduta Waweru December 22, 2018

Welcome to Face2Face Africa quiz series that tests your knowledge of Africa and anything African. We ask ten questions based on themes ranging from politics, history, geography, culture, entertainment and many more.

Today, we are all about the history of slavery in Africa. Brace yourself, no cheating, get your thinking cap on and test your knowledge of these historical facts on slavery. 


Poll What is the name of last known slave ship to have left the shores of Africa for America?


Poll This slave castle has become quite a famous destination for many including Former President Barack Obama and First Lady Melania Trump. In which country is it?


Poll In 1803, a group of African slaves opted for mass suicides to years of enslavement in America. From which community are they?


Poll Only prisoners of wars were sold into slavery in Africa. True or False?


Poll All these ways were used to rename enslaved Africans upon arrival in the Americas, except one. Which one is it?


Poll In East Africa, slave trade thrived because of many factors including the opening up of the slave route by the man below. On which island did he live?


Poll Kunta Kinte, the famous fictional character in Roots shares a name with a slave island in West Africa. In which country is the island?


Poll At one point in history, Africans enslaved Europeans. True or False?


Poll Which European nation was the first to engage in the Transatlantic slave trade?


Poll In which country is the Goree Island's Door of No Return?

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