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Sudanese Patient Succumbs to Ebola in Germany

St. George Leipzig ebola
A Sudanese aid worker who contracted Ebola in Liberia has died from the disease in Germany, according to the BBC.

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Even though the unnamed 56-year-old man arrived in Germany last Thursday and was given experimental drugs through a “hermetically sealed ward” for his condition, the man still died this week.

Consequently, St. Georg (pictured), the hospital where the man received care in Leipzig, released the following statement:

“Despite intensive medical measures and maximum efforts by the medical team, the 56-year-old UN employee succumbed to the serious infectious disease.”

The BBC reports:

“‘He was the second member of the UN team in Liberia to die from the virus,'” the BBC’s Jenny Hill in Berlin says.

“He was also the third Ebola patient to be treated for the virus in Germany after contracting the disease in West Africa.”

Watch news coverage of the man’s death in Germany here:


Just last week, Thomas Eric Duncan died from the disease in the United States, after seemingly catching the virus from a pregnant woman he tried to help get care. After going to the hospital, Duncan was erroneously sent home even after telling doctors he had just traveled from West Africa.

There is controversy over Duncan’s death because family members allege that he wasn’t given proper care.

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At press time, more than 4,400 people have perished from the disease. Months ago, the World Health Organization warned that if Ebola wasn’t swiftly contained, it would spread beyond the affected countries and put the world at risk.

Those calls were generally unheeded, and now, in addition to reportedly spreading to new districts in Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone, a Spanish nurse is currently in critical condition, making her the first person to contract Ebola outside of Africa.

Consequently, UN Ebola Mission Leader Tony Banbury is calling for worldwide government support, saying, “We need everything. We need it everywhere, and we need it superfast.”

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