Against All Odds, Liberian Nursing Student Single-Handedly Saves 3 Family Members from Ebola

Abena Agyeman-Fisher October 08, 2014

Fatu Kekula Liberia

When Liberian nursing student Fatu Kekula‘s (pictured) family members came down with Ebola in her household, she did the unthinkable: nurse them back to health by herself.

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An attractive young woman, Fatu tragically experienced what so many Liberians with Ebola are experiencing: being turned away from clinic after clinic until one is forced to return home untreated.

Such was the case of her dad, Moses, who came down with the deadly virus first.

After being rejected by three clinics who lacked room for anymore patients, Fatu was forced to take her father home.

But it wasn’t long before the Dad ended up infecting her cousin Alfred, her sister Vivian, and her mother.

Rather than panic, though, Fatu sprang into action, creating her own hazmat suit out of a plastic jacket, face mask, rubber boots, long pants, and garbage bags.

Then she quarantined her family members throughout their home and tended to each of them all by herself.

And while Alfred didn’t make it, her dad, mom, and sister fully recovered.

Understandably, Moses has nothing but pride when speaking about his resilient daughter Fatu, “I am very much proud of Fatu Kekula for the work that she did through the power of Almighty God.”

Sister Vivian concurred with her dad, saying she owes her life to both God and Fatu, “[I owe] more than my life. Because I can say that even though God saved me, but she saved my life also.”

Watch Fatu and her courageousness here:



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