The most shocking racism stories of 2018

Francis Akhalbey December 26, 2018

Ideally, we’d all like to live harmoniously with one another. Conversely, there are people in society who live for negativity and to spread their hateful views of others that don’t align with their ideals.

Racism permeates the atmosphere; time and time again we see instances of racially motivated crimes and situations that shouldn’t be happening at all.

Here are some of the most shocking racist stories we covered in 2018.

The most shocking racism stories of 2018
Liu Jiaqi is a motorcycle dealer in Kenya

Hours after China-Africa summit, this Chinese calls Kenyans and the president ‘monkeys’.
A Chinese national in Kenya got in trouble after being caught on a video making disparaging remarks about Kenyans, including their president, Uhuru Kenyatta. The man, named Liu Jiaqi, was recorded in the brief video saying that “all Kenyans [are] like a monkey, even [President] Uhuru Kenyatta”.

The most shocking racism stories of 2018

Starbucks fiasco.
Two black men were arrested in a Philadelphia Starbucks for trespassing. They were waiting for a friend to join them. Like many of us do in public spaces. An employee of the popular coffee and treats franchise told the men that if they didn’t make a purchase, they couldn’t stay in the store.
However, there were individuals in the store who hadn’t bought anything and were in there for hours without receiving any hassle.

The most shocking racism stories of 2018

White South African on holiday in trouble for using racist slur against blacks.
A white South Africa holidaymaker got into trouble after posting a now-viral video of him using a racial slur on black people. Adam Catzavelos, the marketing director of St George’s Fine Foods in Johannesburg‚ used the k-word in referencing that there were no black people on the beach he was holidaying.

The most shocking racism stories of 2018

Don’t you go knocking on that door.
14-year-old Brennan Walker of Rochester, Michigan got lost on his way to school and decided to ask for directions. He happened to land on the doorstep of Jeffrey Craig Ziegler, 53. After Walker knocked on Ziegler’s door, he was accused of trying to rob Ziegler and his wife and subsequently shot at.

The most shocking racism stories of 2018
Screenshot via eldiarioes on YouTube

Racist white Spanish guards violently force black man off train despite having a ticket [Video].
In what clearly looked like another case of racial profiling, security guards of Spanish railway operator Renfe came under scrutiny for singling out a black passenger and forcing him off the train despite showing them his ticket.

The most shocking racism stories of 2018

Shameless white woman calls police on 9-year old black boy for ‘sexual assault’ [Video].
For the umpteenth time, a recent video shared on Facebook showed a white woman calling the police on a 9-year old, yes, a 9-year old black boy for allegedly “grabbing her ass” at a store in Brooklyn. The kid, who was visibly shaken and afraid during the incident was seen clinging to his mom whilst crying.

The most shocking racism stories of 2018
The victim, 27-year old Xolisile Ndzongana

Watch how a racist white mob in South Africa killed a young black man over parking.
27-year old Xolisile Ndzongana was brutally beaten to death by a white mob in what was an obvious racially motivated attack. The incident, which happened in Middelburg, Mpumalanga, and was captured on CCTV camera, was spurred when Ndzongana in the company of two other friends, whilst driving through the town centre approached a group of white men who had blocked the road with their cars.

The most shocking racism stories of 2018
BBQ Becky

Barbecuing while black.
A black family visiting Lake Merritt, California was spending some quality time with one another. Being that was a sunny day out, they decided to barbeque; as they’ve done for years. An unidentified white woman noted that the family was grilling in an area not designated for that activity. She proceeded to call the police.

The most shocking racism stories of 2018

You can’t possibly be a student at Yale University.
Lolade Siyonbale, a graduate student at Yale University took a nap in the common area of her dorm. Sarah Braasch, another grad student expressed in a video posted on Facebook by Siyonbale, “I have every right to call the police,” “You cannot sleep in that room.” When police arrived, they verified Siyonbale’s identity and determined she indeed had a right to be there. They also emphasized that this was NOT an issue that constituted a call to the police.

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