These Black heroes stood firm in the face of danger and we salute them

Farida Dawkins April 24, 2018
2012 Aurora Theatre shootings hero, Michael White Sr.

Shootings are seemingly happening often and racial tensions are high. There has definitely been an influx of violence happening in various communities nationally.

Acts of violence that result in fatalities are extremely difficult to process because it is layered with so many emotions and questions – the motives and the lives lost are some examples.

Then there are those brave souls who put their own lives on the line to help in some cases, complete strangers.

Here is a look at heroes who stood firm in the face of danger.

James Shaw Jr.

James Shaw Jr. took down the gunman who shot and killed four at a Nashville, Tennessee Waffle House.

Shaw said, “I acted in a blink of a second.” “When he reloaded his clip, that felt like 30 minutes.” “I looked at him, and he wasn’t looking at me. He just had the barrel down. It was like, ‘Do it now. Go now.’ I just took off.”

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