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Three poems celebrating anti-slavery heroes you ought to read today

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On this day in 1833, Britain abolished slavery in all of its territories. This meant that every single person in its territories across the world under enslavement should be free and able to conduct their life as a free person. However, it would take America 32 odd years before they officially abolish slavery.

Even so, the agitation for the end of slavery had been ongoing for many years before these dates. The slaves themselves engaged in rebellions against their enslavers who treated them terribly. Not only were they beaten up, forced to work in unfavourable conditions, but also sexually assaulted and killed.

Many were killed in the process of fighting for their freedom and even in their attempts of running away from their enslavers. The different aspects of slavery have been recorded in books, poems and even in art.

In commemorating the abolishment of slavery by Britain, here are some poems celebrating anti-slavery icons you should read. 

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