Poem: For the Hungry

World Hunger

Here, I wanted to focus on hunger, which affects many people across the world. That is why I mentioned countries, such as Qatar and Finland — most would never imagine them being affected by hunger…but they are.

This is to my starving brothers in Zimbabwe, Wales,
Venezuela, Uganda, South Sudan, Swaziland,
Rwanda, Romania, Qatar, Poland, Palestine,
Niger, Mali, Iceland, Jordan, Jamaica, Hungary,
Georgia, Finland, England, Dominica, Denmark,
Colombia, Chad, Bosnia, Burkina-Faso,
Angola {…}

world hunger

Starving and homeless, in need of food and
clean water — know that you are not forgotten.

Your respective governments may have forgotten
About your basic needs, but we have not!
Here is a shelter for your soul,
Silk for your shoes and your heads
And Silk for your tongue and teeth

world hunger

Eat! Please eat and share this satisfaction with the rest.
I’m speech less since food is so beautiful. It is poetic.
Intriguing poetic sensations
My brain is salivating
My mouth is thinking out loud
My fingers are drinking



Last Edited by:Abena Agyeman-Fisher Updated: March 25, 2016


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