8 crazy pronouncements by African dictators to prove their superiority

Nduta Waweru June 13, 2018

Francisco Macías Nguema

All intellectuals should be killed

Equatorial Guinea’s president Francisco Macias Nguema had a phobia of intellectuals.  He went out of his way to ban the use of the word ‘intellectual’ and even murdered people who wore glasses.  Among the people he killed for being ‘too intellectual’ for his liking was his foreign minister, Ndongo Miyone.

According to reports,

He later banned the word ‘intellectual’ in Equatorial Guinea and closed all libraries in the country. Newspaper and printing press were not spared either, they were all banned.

He abolished education in 1974, and children were taught political slogans.

Nguema also went ahead and banned Christian names and had his portraits hanging in churches.  He referred to himself as the ‘only miracle.’


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