Four of the most notorious gangs in Africa

Farida Dawkins Jan 20, 2018 at 02:11am

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Farida Dawkins

Farida Dawkins | Contributor

January 20, 2018 at 02:11 am | Uncategorized

Badoo – Nigeria

This organization is in Nigeria and is fairly new, having been exposed in 2006, but deserves a mention because of the heinous crimes perpetrated by its members.  The affiliates of this ill-fated group were known to strike their victims while they were asleep and defenceless.  They also used powder given to them by a herbalist that was supposed to put their prey in a sleep-like state.  After killing the individuals, the perpetrators would smash their heads with huge stones and dip a white handkerchief in the victim’s blood.  The killers would also perform rituals before, during, and after each killing.  Part of their ceremonies involved drinking water used to cleanse deceased individuals.

Though gangs were initially made for the purpose of brotherhood, the end result was anything but positive.


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