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Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your bestie? Check out these present ideas


There is always that one friend who is your ride or die. They would do anything for you and be by your side when you need them in a heartbeat.

Best friends are the real MVPs. Some may have found theirs when they were toddlers, others just a few years back.

It doesn’t really matter how long you’ve known them; it is the bond you share that matters because someone you meet today can be more loyal to you than someone you’ve known for years. When you find that loyal bestie, hold on to them and appreciate them.

This festive season is a time of reflection and thankfulness. Let your BFF know how you appreciate them with these thoughtful gift ideas.

Morse Code Bracelet Bridesmaid Gift Beaded Bracelet Custom image 5

Photo: Etsy

Morse Code Bracelet

Out with the old-fashioned friendship bracelet, in with the new spin on friendship bracelets. This bracelet can be customized to have both of your names written in Morse code, how cool is that?


Long Distance Friendship Lamp - Wood

Photo: Uncommon goods

Long distance friendship lamp

Now your best friend can relocate because of work but that shouldn’t be the end of your friendship. Buy this colorful lamp and sync it with theirs. The moment you touch it, hers will light up as well. What a great way to let them know you are thinking about them.


Photo: Anthropologie

Festive ring set ornament

This festive ring set comes with an amazing holder. Your bestie will love it.


Slide View: 2: elago Charging Hub

Photo: Urban outfitters

Charging hub

This handy charging hub helps you keep all your gadgets at a go. You wouldn’t want your BFF having a low battery on Christmas eve.


NORDSTROM AT HOME Kennebunk Bliss Plush Throw, Main, color, PINK PEONY

Photo: Nordstrom

Kennebunk bliss plush throw

A throw for the cold winter nights will always make your best friend comfy. This neutral color will be good for the bedroom and living room as it can easily blend with any color.


Photo: Amazon

Rechargeable Bluetooth speaker water bottle

Good music and staying hydrated could never have been packaged any better. Get this water bottle that comes with a rechargeable Bluetooth speaker and your friend would love you forever.


Photo: Amazon

Bath Caddy

If your BFF loves to spend long hours in the bathtub, then you might as well help make it more interesting for them. Getting them this bath tray that has a book, wine and candle slot will be the perfect gift for them.


CULT GAIA Mini Astraea Leather Tote, Main, color, SPICE

Photo: Nordstrom

Mini Astrea Leather Tote

Every girl loves a tote bag and this stylish one would make your bestie appreciate you more.


Slide View: 1: Daily Planner Journal

Photo: Urban outfitters

Daily planner journal

Journaling is a big stress reliever. Life can get tough, you know, and giving your best friend a journal to let out all their stress is good way to keep their mental health in good shape. Also, help your friend plan their day so they don’t miss appointments.


SERENE HOUSE Ultrasonic Cool Mist Macaron Aromatherapy Diffuser, Alternate, color, LIGHT WOOD

Photo: Nordstrom

Ultrasonic cool-mist macron aromatherapy diffuser

After a long day at the office, help you friend unwind with relaxing smells from this diffuser. You can buy them their favorite essential oil. All they need to do is to add water and voila, their house will smell like a bouquet of flowers.


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