Popular African Queen Mothers you should know

Nduta Waweru Sep 8, 2018 at 06:00pm

September 08, 2018 at 06:00 pm | Culture

Nduta Waweru

Nduta Waweru | Contributor

September 08, 2018 at 06:00 pm | Culture

An actress portraying Queen Nandi


Nandi was the mother of Shaka Zulu the Great.  The daughter of a chief, Nandi got pregnant by Senzakhona through Ukuhlobonga, an act of sex without penetration allowed in unmarried Zulu couples at the time.

When her son Shaka became king, she was accorded everything and anything a queen would wish for.  When Shaka was out on his campaigns, the running of the kingdom fell on Nandi, who together with other women were in charge of the military kraals. It is reported that she would be the voice of moderation during Shaka’s reign and would usually call for political compromises instead of violence.

She was quite influential in Shaka’s rule that when she died, Shaka ordered the execution of any and everyone who did not show enough grief.

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