9 intriguing African folklore that will tickle your imagination

Farida Dawkins September 06, 2018
A sketch of the popular human-eating tree in Madagascar. Shuker Nature

Contrary to popular belief, African ancient societies developed written languages and symbols that helped keep records of events and happenings. Many of these have been proven through archaeological findings such as paintings, scripts and clothes with symbols that have been discovered to be of great meaning and importance.

Despite the existence of a written literary culture, the main means of passing on knowledge and important events was through oral history. This was done through its elements such as proverbs, folktales and music.

Griots played an imperative role in the preservation of history, especially as the slave trade gained ground within the 16th through to the 19th centuries.

The human encyclopedias gathered facts and passed them down from generation to generation. A bestowed position occupied by the griots, these were families that are believed to have been part of the founders of some particular societies and chosen by the gods through special rituals to keep maintain the culture.

Keep reading to learn about some folklores that you won’t be able to stop yourself from reading again and again:

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