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Prince Harry Helps Save 500 Endangered Elephants in Africa

Prince Harry is doing his part to save Africa’s endangered elephants by personally helping in their translocation to Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve (NRW) in Malawi where they’re more likely to thrive. According to tweets from the official Kensington Palace account, the Prince actively participated in the translocation exercise, dubbed “500 Elephants Initiative,” to get first hand experience on one of the largest wildlife conservation efforts on the continent.



African Parks, which manages all Malawian parks in partnership with the government, has spear headed the “500 Elephants Initiative,”which aims to translocate elephant herds from Majete Wildlife Reserve and Liwonde National Park  more than 350 kilometers to the Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve in an effort to reduce human-wildlife conflict, ease the pressure on natural habitats, and halt poaching. According to a 2009 report, human-wildlife conflict in Malawi has ripple effects that lead to injury, property loss, and the destruction of crops and livestock.

A two-minute documentary titled “Journey of Giants” and produced by African Parks looks at the process of relocating the elephants. The elephants are first tranquilized to make them stationary, allowing workers to lift them up by their limbs using a crane. They are then delivered to a waiting truck that translocates them to the Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve.


Prince Harry participated in the translocation of 261 elephants to the reserve during his three weeks in Malawi. The remaining 232 elephants will be relocated in the summer of 2017, notes a press release published by African Parks. The organization hopes that the “500 Elephants Initiative” will result in saving their species from extinction.

Though photos only document Prince Harry moving the elephants, African Parks notes that he also helped in translocating a male rhino and a host of game species including antelope, buffalo, and zebra. More than 1,500 animals have been relocated to date. The Prince also assisted in re-collaring three lions in Majete with GPS collars to better monitor and protect them.

CEO of African Parks, Peter Fearnhead, praised the Prince for his hands-on approach in the project.

“We are thrilled to have Prince Harry serve as an integral part of our translocation team. He has extensive field experience and was extremely comfortable with the animals, whether helping an anesthetized elephant to the ground and monitoring its breathing to affixing radio collars. He played a vital role in many aspects of this giant operation which requires not only all hands on deck, but a vigilance he exudes, and a commitment to the cause he embodies,” he wrote in a press release.

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