BY Mark Babatunde, 9:45am October 30, 2016,

Scream Rooms: A New Way To Cope with Stress in Egypt

Some Egyptians have taken to screaming in an enclosed space to cope with the pressures of urban life. Photo Credit: CNN

An Egyptian entrepreneur and bookstore owner is diversifying his business portfolio by providing people with a space to scream and yell as a way to let out their pent up frustration. Heidi Radwan runs a bookstore in Cairo, known as the Bab Aldonia. The bookstore opened a few years ago and boasts an impressive collection of books, a mini café, a music classroom, and  a room for screaming. According to CNN, Cairo’s residents are flocking to the Scream Room to yell away their stress.

The room is situated next to the shelves where children’s books are stacked. It is a dark, small room with soundproof walls and once inside, visitors are allowed to scream their lungs out in 10-minute intervals. The room also features a drum that users can bang on for added stress relief.

Many consider screaming or yelling as a cheap and effective way to release repressed or pent up negative emotions, such as anger, fear, frustration, and disappointment. Supporters of screaming therapy describe it as a vocal punching bag.

“It’s good for everyday stress. People go there and scream to let go of their daily problems,” Radwan explained.

Photo Credit: CNN

Photo Credit: CNN

Radwan says she got the idea for the  room from one of her regular customers, adding that her first thought was that “it sounded crazy.” Despite her initial reservations, a quick search on the Internet convinced her that the idea was worth trying out. She discovered that screaming as a therapy to relieve stress is actually quite popular around the world.

J.K. Pagnutti, a researcher who studies how indigenous cultures in Canada used yelling as a form of therapy, says the results of his study reveal that yelling significantly impacts the human brain and has a positive effect on a person’s mood. Pagnutti added that, “yelling does not cost anything and is a natural process that can be carried out by any individual.”

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