BY Mirembe Zabasajja, 1:58pm September 09, 2014,

It Is About Race

Police and Ferguson, Mo., protestors after Michael Brown's murder by a police man.

Ferguson protests

Police and Ferguson, Mo., protestors after Michael Brown’s murder by a police man.

There’s no saying I hate more than the saying “stop playing the race card.”
It’s a saying that dismisses years of oppression and inequality not just in America, but all over the world.

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It’s a saying that dismisses my ancestors’ pain.

“Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t die for this.”

No, he did not. He died because he got shot.

Martin Luther King Jr. did not die for you to use him as a way to project your liberal garbage on to us.
Martin Luther King Jr. did not die for my people to be abused by police.
Martin Luther King Jr. did not die for us to fear those who are supposed to protect us.

He did not die for there to be a Black person killed by police every 28 hours.

He sure as hell did not die so that your White self can feel comfortable in this lie that “we’re all equal.”

To pretend that racism does not play a big part in society today is a part of the problem.

Regardless of where I was raised or how I speak, I’m Black first.
My address does not matter when I’m getting followed around a store by employees who are afraid I may be stealing.

Hmm, I wonder why they assume I might be there to steal.

My parents’ income doesn’t spare me from being called the N-word.

My upbringing won’t spare me of falling victim to racist attacks.

For you to say racism is not a problem is a big “screw you” to all racial minorities around the world.
For you to turn around and make race issues about you constantly is a big screw you to us.

Don’t come at me saying you’re an ally, when every time something like the Ferguson incident, like the Trayvon Martin incident, and the various other incidents of excessive force used on Black people have happened, you’ve tried to turn it around and make it about White people.

Don’t tell me you’re not racist if you’re trying to justify Black people’s deaths.

Don’t you dare tell me you’re not racist just because you aren’t parading around in a White hood.
At least KKK members know they’re racist, but you all like to pretend that you’re not. You all like to pretend that because you smiled at a Black person or made friends with an Asian person that there’s no way you can be racist.

It’s about race. It’s always been about race.

After years of trying to make you all comfortable, I’m done.
Don’t look at me to be your token Black friend. I’m not the one, so don’t you dare smile in my face and say we’re friends.

I’m angry and if you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention.

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