Lagos’ SuperGeeks Rake in Thousands as They Fill Tech Void

F2FA October 07, 2015

Sam Uduma

Since opening their first store, SuperGeeks, in Lagos, Nigeria, last November, co-founders Edmund Olotu and Sam Uduma (pictured) have turned their venture into a lucrative business by filling a tech gap in their society, reports CNN.

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While in school in the U.K., Olotu and Uduma met each other and began concocting their
business plan of SuperGeeks on their return to their homeland.

According to Olotu, they came up with the idea to start SuperGeeks based on an obvious observation, “The average Nigerian has two mobile phones, a tablet, and a computer.”

The keen observation led them to the realization that very few reliable businesses existed that actually fixed all of these devices.

“What inspired [SuperGeeks] was mostly a need for a structured and connected standardized form of service in the after-sale support industry,” Uduma explains.

“Phones and devices, gadgets, electronics, they are sold daily at an alarming rate here in Nigeria but the after-sale support is still quite fragmented, so you have a lot of people who have different pop-up shops everywhere.

“They are doing a great job, but you may go there one day [and] you get charged 5,000 [naira]; the next day you get charged 7,500 [naira] depending on how you look.

“We are trying to create a more structured feel to after-sale support, and the idea is with SuperGeeks, we are able to achieve that.”

And indeed they are.

Supergeeks nigeriaWith the tagline, “If we can’t fix it, nobody can,” Oluto, chief marketing officer of SuperGeeks, and Uduma, coined the original “SuperGeek,” opened their “customer experience center,” and nearly a year later, they are bringing in roughly $10,000 per month servicing the tech-savvy city.

Today, SuperGeeks boasts 20 employees and is looking to not only open stores on every corner but also partner with large retailers to create gadget protection plans.

Watch a video of SuperGeeks’ opening here:

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