BY Theodora Aidoo, 4:00pm June 30, 2020,

“They tried to put us down, so we… bossed up”- 7-year-old entrepreneurs on setbacks

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Seven-year-old twins – Kamara and Kamera – have become famous for their lemonade stand “Twin-Monade” in Savannah Georgia, so much that people line up waiting more than an hour for their lemonade thanks to the critics, who questioned if they had a permit to run it.

Rather than give up, the twins said: “They tried to put us down, so we… “bossed up!”

The twins’ father Quentin Lawyer said at first, he just thought it was fun creating a business for his daughters until a white woman commented that the family probably didn’t have a license to sell their lemonade.

“A lady came in and was like, ‘I bet they don’t have a licence.’ And other people were like, ‘how do you know that?’ and she was like, ‘I seriously doubt it,’” Lawyer explained.

They eventually secured a permit for their business, which has attracted huge customers ever since.

“We got the name because they are twins and then they said they wanted to sell lemonade so we just put it all together for twin-monade,” their mum Charnise Anderson said.

The Twin-Monade has several flavors from coconut to watermelon, sour punch mixed up with red raspberry and more. They have since become the talk of social media with some defending their earlier decision to start operating without a permit.

Customer Melyssa Amann said: “The fact that their parents did let them get shutdown and they just continued to encourage them that much. I think it’s really important, an important message to send for them for their future.”

 “I’m ready to support today, tomorrow, the next day however long I need to support,” said Alejandro Pagan.

“Every time I see little kids selling lemonade with their mom standing by. I stop and buy,” Joey Villanueva said on Facebook.

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