Sanna Arman


Sanna is a Columnist at Face2face Africa. Sudanese by blood (both the Sudans), and born and raised in Kenya, Sanna holds a Master of Laws degree in International Commercial Law from the University of Surrey, U.K. where she was also awarded the CARR prize for the best trade law paper on a law course. A firm believer in the reclamation of the Afrikan narrative and the telling of Afrikan stories by Afrikans, she is the Co-Founder, Creative Director and Media Manager of Artrika East Afrika, an organisation first started in Sudan with a vision of using different mediums to tell Afrikan stories, particularly those of IDPs in war torn regions and Refugees, with the chief aim to preserve, promote and save the Afrikan Culture & Heritage. When not involved in creative ventures, she uses her legal background to examine the impact of international institutions on Afrika, particularly their rules of trade, and through thought-provoking writing, explore various issues affecting Afrikans in her socio-political commentaries. She is also a spoken word artist, performing poet (former Slam Afrika Champion) and curator of “Women Like My Mother”, a project that seeks to use digital art and storytelling to tell the stories of Afrikan women who often contribute to the liberation and raising up of nations, but are left out of history.

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