5 rare eye colours of Africans you would love to see

Ghanaian toddlers with blue eyes -- Photo: Francis Osei-Owusu

The colours of human eyes are warranted by the degree of melanin concentration in the eye and the mode by which the iris disperses light entering the eye. The iris is that part of the human eye made up of a thin circular structure that controls the amount of light entering the eye.

The most dominant eye colour there is throughout the world is brown, with an estimated 79 per cent of the world’s population retaining their hold on it. Of the 79 per cent with brown-coloured eyes, persons living within Africa and some parts of Asia have the highest numbers with the rest scattered across the globe.

In Africa, however, the high concentration of melanin amongst Africans has accounted for the widespread presence of deep brown-coloured eyes.

There are Africans who by virtue of the genetic packages received from both or either parent as well as the concentration of melanin in their eye region, have eye colours outside of the statistical norm, making them rare within the context of the African community. But this is neither a mere coincidence nor a mistake as Africa is home to the first known human from whose genetic endowments all other physical human traits the world over have been biologically derived.

Here are instances of such rare sightings.

Last Edited by:Ismail Akwei Updated: July 16, 2019


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