6 African royals who were captured and sold into slavery

Elizabeth Ofosuah Johnson December 02, 2018

In Black history, slavery is by far the most researched, discussed and read topic. Day in and out, there are more and more stories revealing how enslaved Africans were forcefully taken from their homes and thrown on ships only to be sold into slavery that lasted for well over 400 years.

In many African traditional cultures, it is believed that an African never strays too far from home and that he or she will surely find his or her way back either in the world of the living or the dead. It is the reason why the rites of passage are taken very seriously in the African traditional setting and why during the slave trade, many traditional ceremonies were held to bid farewell to the captured Africans and to give them strength until they make it back home again.

Millions of Africans were captured and sold as slaves working on plantations or as domestic hands in the western world and a few of them were Africans from royal families.

Many of the Western slave traders respected African kings and their families and always made sure not to sell any royal off, however, a few royals someway somehow found themselves being sold off into slavery.

Here are 6 Africans who experienced the luxuries of life in Africa but were suddenly stripped of their birth rites and had to work on plantations as slaves.

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