All about the money: Modern African currencies no longer in use

Nduta Waweru May 12, 2018
Photo: Banknote Index

Before African countries had currency currently in use, trade used to be conducted using basic items, materials, animals and others as a medium of exchange.

But over time, with colonisation, independence and change of regimes, the currencies have changed drastically, with new ones introduced and others discarded.

One of the currencies no longer in use is the Zimbabwean dollar, which was suspended after inflation in the country rose by 5 billion percent. The country introduced different measures to handle the currency crux including allowing the use of multi-currency and introducing bond notes.

Photo: Zimbabwe Dollars

However, the Zimbabwean dollar is not the only ‘obsolete’ currency. Here are other modern day African currencies (away from the colonial currency) that are no longer in use.


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