Poem: Nê Gue Djimra!

Banna tribe of Ethiopia

Banna tribe of Ethiopia

In N’Gambaye, my native tongue,  means “something,” Djim means “Hand” or “Hands,” and Ra is the verb “create” or “build” or “construct.” Hence Nê Gue Djimra is translated as “this Is what
my hands have made/created.”

True Ab•er•ra•tion
You provided me with the letter A speedily;
Anomalies ought to modify Abnormalities-

Here is a Bee as we continue with this Calligraphy.
And since we are changing frequencies,
Let’s pick today as we begin our journey!

Ignorance isn’t Bliss; that is simplicity.

People are dying without their loved ones and families.

You are on your own, we are who we are Spiritually.

Revolutionary is the Poet whose breath is
Exhaling Poems and Inhaling Poetry.

This is the other alternative; it is made of Beauty.
Speaking of Education, take it in subconsciously!

We can change the World, our point precisely.
We have changed our Cosmos, in the name of Liberty
And Love and Literature; rewriting History basically.
Hence, what is History?

Last Edited by:Abena Agyeman-Fisher Updated: March 25, 2016


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