Ghanaian Electro-Soul Singer Jojo Abot Releases ‘FYFYA WOTO’

F2FA June 11, 2015

Jojo AbotJojo Abot, the sultry Ghanaian electro-soul singer who has captured the ears of discerning listeners worldwide with her hypnotic blend of electronica, Afrobeat, jazz, house, and reggae, is proud to present her debut EP, “FYFYA WOTO (pictured).

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The “FYFYA WOTO” EP is a four-song symphony of forbidden love that deals with the sacrifice it takes to wholly give one’s heart to another.

Jojo AbotSinging in Ewe and English, Jojo found sonic inspiration for this body of work in the music of SEEED, Fela Kuti, Savage Rose, and Israel Maweta among many others. However, the raw emotion at the heart of FYFYA WOTO comes from the generational ties that bind the women in her family together.

“FYFYA WOTO is a rewrite of my grandmother’s name, which essentially means “new discovery or find,” but I believe in order to be discovered one must already exist. She exists; we are only now getting to know her for ourselves.”

As the story goes, FYFYA WOTO is a young Anlo Ewe woman hungry to be loved. Caught in a compromising situation with her Caucasian lover in a time of slavery and divide, she is brought before a tribunal, where she must save not only herself but also her lover.

The EP delves in to matters related to family, tradition, duty, love, freedom, slavery, and of course gossip, but most importantly, it highlights a woman’s right to choose even at the high cost of losing both life and freedom.”

Developed in Copenhagen in six sessions with each song written and produced from scratch in four-to-eight-hour studio slots, Jojo and her Danish co-producer Jonas Rendbo had limited time and resources but a strong desire to create something incredible.

From the mid-tempo reggae stylings of “Lom Vava” and “To Li” to the heartfelt otherworldliness of “Pi Lo Lo” and “Le Le Le,” each track on the EP maintains Jojo’s signature Afro.Hypno.Sonic sound while standing on its own as a unique element of the complex and relatable story.

Watch “Pi Lo Lo” here:

“FYFYA WOTO is authentic, spontaneous, and experimental. With this EP, Jojo hopes to inspire African women, artists, and youth all over the world to exhibit great pride in their heritage and history.

“We often shy away from our past because it is too dark, but maybe by changing the narrative and telling our stories ourselves we can better heal and evolve.”

Watch Jojo Abot perform “To Li” here:


As an artist, Jojo Abot is a healthy dose of all things traditional, modern, colorful, fictional, and a true model of our generation. She is a soul nostalgic about the past yet anxious for the future. To her, the ultimate art is in living. With raw, honest, challenging, and thought-provoking lyrics, Jojo’s voice enchants as it transports listeners to a world where stories of pain and struggle take on a beauty of their own without masking the harsh realities of life.

Now that Jojo Abot has unveiled the “FYFYA WOTO” experience, she will embark on a world tour to tell the compelling story while wrapping up her second EP. Learn more about her here.

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Last Edited by:Abena Agyeman-Fisher Updated: June 10, 2015


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