Poem: Irreducible Complexity

Christian Djimra Koumtog September 22, 2015

Poem: Irreducible ComplexityAverse to the rain, gloom, chance, speculations, blunt proses, and dark clouds

Here is a Juniper Berry; please drink, drink of this gin and speak up!

A sudden shift distracted us since we dream of great wealth and fortunes.

Wave after wave, the world keeps on turning life’s pages ignoring death:

Fill up the hole within your heart — Love of loves, open-minded Soul,

Will you still love and give to your causes when a push turns into a shove?

Averse to the time that keeps on running, this problem will be solved…

Blessings and curses of the Earth, which ones of you come from above?

Beauty that is full of guilt, innocent science that is full of the above, please reflect!

Intelligence requires a Creator, our DNA is full of information and intelligence.

Information requires an Innovator, especially when it is intelligent.

Averse to ignorance, these words are pleading for the magnificence of Creation.

What are your beliefs, strong holds, doubts, your truths and are they true?

Since the beginning of time, these people have been thirsting for more.

You smell a smoke, please take these burning convictions and smoke them.

The suns and moons did not just happen to be; these stars and galaxies as well!

Wave after wave, the world keeps on turning life’s pages ignoring death:

Averse to chance, speculations, blunt prose, and dark clouds we are urged to reflect.

Last Edited by:Abena Agyeman-Fisher Updated: March 25, 2016


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