These electric cars made in Africa would be the next big thing in the world

Etsey Atisu July 15, 2019
Last Edited by:Ismail Akwei Updated: July 16, 2019
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The Kantanka Odeneho II electric car from Ghana | Africa Redemption Magazine

The Kantanka Odeneho II (Ghana)

Developed at the Apostle Safo Suaye Technological Centre at Gomoa Mpota, a town in the Central Region of Ghana, this new electric car saves energy and releases “zero” greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. This is because the car has no internal combustion engine, a big step forward in reducing global warming and other respiratory diseases. The car gets its energy from series of accumulators connected together.

Kantanka Odeneho II is powered by 12 rechargeable batteries. Each battery has a life span of over four years. Unlike other electric cars, Kantanka Odeneho II is built on user friendly technology making it easy to be recharged.

It does not require any complex set-up for recharging, just plug it in any socket (like you plug an electric iron or any household appliance) and bingo, the car starts recharging.


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